Johari Tanzanian Gin Logo
A bottle of Johari Tanzanian Gin
A bottle of Johari Tanzanian Gin
Johari Gin bottle on a table with ingredients that make up the gin

A taste to be celebrated and savoured.

Johari Tanzanian Gin Logo

Hopping from place to place, your one constant is Johari.

From the sounds of sunrise celebrations to the pulse felt throughout the cities as the day comes to a close, we’re present throughout. An indicator of prestige and a premium token to mark your moment.


A fine-tuned recipe.

Over time, our master distiller has created a unique recipe from an array of botanicals and spices to perfectly compliment one another and elevate each aspect of our gin.


The Crowning Jewel.

2200 metres above sea-level in the lush Lushoto Mountains lies the perfect climate for our treasured Juniperus Procera to flourish. Selected and picked by hand.

Johari is one of only two gins worldwide fortunate enough to use this berry fresh from the source.

An illustration of Junipers

A delicate mix of only the best botanicals.

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The other 14 botanicals that make up our recipe are sourced from a number of local markets. In the cities and along the coastline, these play host to fragrant aromas and fresh ingredients that make up our distinctly Tanzanian recipe.

Each farmer is written into the Johari story, creating a legacy for generations to come.

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An illustration of a handcrafted Mueller Pot Still

Craftsmanship at its finest.

Distilled in a handcrafted Mueller Pot Still - a work of art in itself - this beautiful piece of machinery is made to treat all of our ingredients with the same level of care that the hands that hold them do.

Extracting the most diverse profile and a unique spectrum of flavours.


A bottle of Johari Tanzanian Gin

Bottled in history & heritage.

A single run of our bespoke crafting process creates the finest liquid ready to be bottled. Delicately decanted into our distinctive calabash-inspired glass bottles, the Johari journey truly begins here.

From our warehouse to the tables of those that are toasting to life.

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Our meticulous process is testament to our commitment to quality and excellence.